I Guess We're Opening Up

Pods at the Freeman Stage and Tony's Book Launch


Todd lured a tree guy to his house and the neighbors never let him leave. It’s astounding how much more confident we feel hiring someone when we see them working. There’s a reality to it. Even if they’re doing something we don’t understand, seeing someone who appears to know what they’re doing is so much better than looking at Google Reviews and such.

We don’t spend too much time on the show taking about it, so don’t worry, this isn’t Tree Talk with Todd and Tony (yet) although we do kick the idea around.

Todd has a construction background as well as a vibe that comes along with it. I have no such thing, as evidenced by the questions I asked about tree-cutting equipment. You’d be surprised how rarely tree guys use axes and wear flannel.

I briefly pitch a This Old House-style show wherein I just walk around behind Todd asking questions that reveal my ignorance and making guesses that cause more sophisticated people to snicker.

But the big news this week is my upcoming book. Still.

Dragged Into the Light: Truthers, Reptilians, Super Soldiers, and Death Inside an Online Cult will ship in the next couple days and I’m so excited for you to read it. Todd and I spoke about an early review from Tehben.com that really got to the heart of the book.

I also was on the “Follow The Woo” podcast. I’d really like it if you at least listened to the opening of that. The host, who is so much more spiritual than I will ever be, had some great insights. If I’m honest, my Dragged Into the Light isn’t friendly or forgiving when it comes to religion and spirituality, but that has more to do with the practices I witnessed. We spoke a lot about how if faith makes you mean, you’re probably doing it wrong.

Finally (and again) If you’re in the Berlin, Md. area, I’d love it if you came to my book launch, which is 11-a.m.-2 p.m. Saturday, June 5 at The Greyhound Bookstore in Berlin. If you’re coming for sure, consider clicking on the Facebook Event.