Contact HighTodd and Tony discuss their mutual inability to be productive where marijuana is concerned.
Punching Through the SummerListen now (32 min) | Tony returns from his road trip, Todd returns from his bus trip.
Yoga and the Popty PingTodd improves his mind and body, Tony melts down a bit over Cambridge sunsets
Snake Disposal, a PrimerListen now (33 min) | I’d like to pretend I’m sending this out on Sunday intentionally. I had everything so ready to go for posting this week that I…
Grownups and FlagsThe Starboard's Bloody Mary contest, Macky's ABC parties, DJ Batmand and a rant about flags.
Picture BookTodd drinks because he gets to live here; Tony drinks because he has to live here
TV Tag and Bad ContentGrownup professional competitive tag is the symptom. ESPN is the disease.
Rarefied CompanyThe ol' Todcast is in a class of its own
Movies and Humble BeginningsListen now (32 min) | In this episode, Todd revisits Bethesda and Tony discusses the covid movie you need to see.
Let the Season BeginListen now (34 min) | St. Pat's kicks off the start of the "season."
A Big Year at the Freeman StageListen now (32 min) | Todd and Tony discuss the Freeman Stage redo and all of the cool acts they’ve already landed. Also: A new “Answers to Questions…
The Ocean City Film Festival Is BackIn this episode, Todd and Tony both talk up the Ocean City Film Festival, which has absolutely exploded since its inception a few years ago.