Contact HighTodd and Tony discuss their mutual inability to be productive where marijuana is concerned.
Punching Through the SummerListen now (32 min) | Tony returns from his road trip, Todd returns from his bus trip.
Yoga and the Popty PingTodd improves his mind and body, Tony melts down a bit over Cambridge sunsets
Snake Disposal, a PrimerListen now (33 min) | I’d like to pretend I’m sending this out on Sunday intentionally. I had everything so ready to go for posting this week that I…
Grownups and FlagsThe Starboard's Bloody Mary contest, Macky's ABC parties, DJ Batmand and a rant about flags. 
Picture BookTodd drinks because he gets to live here; Tony drinks because he has to live here
TV Tag and Bad ContentGrownup professional competitive tag is the symptom. ESPN is the disease.
Rarefied CompanyThe ol' Todcast is in a class of its own
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Day Drinking on Delmarva